I Didn’t Think My Elbows Could Hurt!

They tell you that morphea/localized scleroderma is merely a cosmetic skin issue, but as someone on a morphea support group once said “only cosmetic, my ass!” I’ve been struggling these past two weeks with some obnoxious muscle ache and a bit of fatigue, on top of my digestive issues. But I don’t seem to be the only one in the scleroderma community dealing with it at the moment, which makes me feel a little less crazy haha! So it must be these strange weather changes. Last week was worse, but this week I have had the added pleasure of joint aches. Like the title says, I really didn’t think it was possible for my elbows to ache! I see my rheumatologist in less than a month, so I’m going to mention all of this to her. If she brushes it off, I guess I’ll have to start planning a trip to the John Hopkins Scleroderma Center!

In less than two weeks I get to take a extended weekend trip to Florida. I’m excited for the warm weather! I’m not as excited about the sunshine, because I’m taking plaquenil and I’m supposed to “avoid direct sunlight.” So I need to start shopping for a higher spf sunscreen, a cute swimsuit coverup, and a big floppy hat!

But enough about all of that nonsense! My husband made a good point the other day while I was researching symptoms yet again: “You really need to find something else to occupy your time.” So I immediately closed out of my browser and watched a movie on Netflix instead. I have been in a knitting/crocheting group since December, which is nice because I used to knit and crochet a lot, but once I got to college I had less time and less joy in doing it. Since my husband made that comment, I’ve been trying to focus more of my time on perfecting my crochet skills. Right now I am doing a quick project for my former college roommate (who I get to visit while in Florida!). I’m making a three by four granny square rug out of this cute pattern. It whips up really fast! All I need to do is figure out a non-slip backing idea.

Another thing my husband and I discussed recently is what I want to do with my life, which frequently flares up my anxiety. He asked me if I could do *anything* to generate money, what would it be? Most of my pursuits were in the art range: acting, writing, something to do with crochet (crochet sculpting?). It would be awesome if I could make money off of a blog, but I have no clue what I’d write about – that would generate money! Because let’s be real here, no one is gonna pay me to write about my aches, pains, and other random quirks haha! And at the moment my crochet game isn’t strong enough to figure out how to make my own patterns. So I guess I’ll think on that.

If I make a new blog, I’ll let you know!


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